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TTTThe city of Safed is an ideal place to hold small to medium-sized international conferences. In the summer months, the cool mountain air of Safed is a refreshing alternative to the humidity of the coastal plain. Set in beautiful natural surroundings --- close to the Jordan river, the sea of Galilee, Mount Hermon and the Golan Heights --- Safed provides a wide range of opportunities for hikes and other outdoor excursions. The old city of Safed is a unique part of the cultural history of Israel, with its crusader castle, its artist colony and its legendary Jewish quarter, where the kabbalah was born.

The Safed Scientific Workshop program was established to encourage scientists to hold international workshops in Safed. Scientific conferences include (1) major international meetings; (2) workshops designed to promote informal exchange on frontier scientific problems; (3) schools focused on making state-of-the-art research problems and methods accessible to graduate students and postdocs. Number of participants is normally be between 30 and 80. The duration is normally for 5-6 days, but innovative proposals for longer programs are welcome.

Scientific areas for sponsored conferences includes physics, chemistry, materials, mathematics, computer science, biology and science teaching. Interdisciplinary meetings are particularly emphasized. The meetings are intended to have a significant impact on the education and training of young Israeli scientists, to promote new areas of frontline scientific research, to bring major international figures in a field to Israel and to have some impact on the cultural renewal of the Old City of Safed.

Grants of up to $10,000 per workshop are given to scientific programs selected by the program's Scientific Advisory Board. The grant is conditional on the workshop being held in Safed, and that acknowledgement of the Safed Scientific Workshops program is made in the conference publications. For information on how to apply, please see the Call for Proposals and Registration Form document.

In previous years, the Safed Scientific Workshop program has been able to help with the organization of the conferences and logistical arrangements.
We expect to be able to continue in this tradition. Please contact us for more details.

It is recommended that all applicants, before applying, contact Ilanit Dvash at:

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